where have i been?

FRIDAY, NOV 12th wow....i can't believe it's been that long since i've written in the journal. over the last 3-4 months or so i've been really busy writing and recording new tunes. i talked with the guys yesterday (Peto,Philo,Dano and Miko) and we're planning on putting together a big show come jan. or feb. also in recent news, philo's moving into his new home at the end of dec. and dano just recently started his own local music promotions company. check it out at www.desertgirlpromotions.com if your interested in what your local music community looks like. miko also just had a baby boy.....well his wife did...so he's a happy daddy once again. congrats miko! well, we can't wait to share some of our newest material with you...it rocks, it rolls, it ryno's (LOL) really though it's good stuff. have a great weekend....

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