"I Love You, Love Me Too" - Written/Engineered/Produced/Performed by: Ryan Nicholson  Copyright 2015 (ASCAP)

One night after watching a heartfelt documentary about Harry Nilsson, my inspired fingers made their way to the "out of tune" Kimball piano residing in the Nicholson household.  Tickling the ivories, the intro to "I Love You, Love Me Too" decided to make its grand entrance into the world.  It had such an upbeat, hopeful feel to it....it needed to tell a story.  

The most important part of the story revealed itself in the shower of all places...the very title "I Love You, Love Me Too".  I found myself singing it to the melody I had in mind for the chorus.  The hardest part was over.  I now knew this songs purpose.  It's a fundamental lesson I have tried to teach each of my three daughter's.  To "LOVE" everybody!!  To "RESPECT" everybody!! 

We are all woven from the same universal fabric regardless what we look like on the outside.  Regardless of our beliefs, we all want to be "LOVED" and "ACCEPTED". Today, we have not only an incredible opportunity, but a responsibility to sit in the still, in the silence....to listen and learn from each and every soul graced along our path.  If not for us, we owe it to our children. 

Music is a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE and has a unique way of healing the human spirit. It also happens to be one way we can express what our heart is feeling.  Spread the love, and join me in sharing the Video & Music premiere of "I Love You, Love Me Too" with your little corner of the world.

Thank you for listening...thank you for loving...

Be blessed in all you do...

Be love and love will surround you...


Ryan Nicholson

P.S. Have an inspiring story about LOVE in the world?  Please share it..

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