PURCHASE ONLINE: GOOGLE PLAY   -  ITUNES   -   AMAZON MP3    Hands down, this album has all the elements of creativity and a harmonious love for the writing that went into it. Each song touches you deeply, your soul satisfied from track one to the end. As a singer/songwriter myself, I applaud you. Great job! ______________________________________________ Great job, Ryan! My husband and I enjoyed the show very much and I posted a "review" for ya on Face Space... er.... Face Book! ;-) Have a nice flight back to Tennessee and we will hold you to an encore next year! Suzie hey Ryno, man it was great seeing you again. we all miss you. I just stuck all those CD's on my ipod. =) I hope you had a safe trip home. Im not sure if you know, but you make such a huge impact on my life. You really do. I know you have changed so many lives and i really appreciate you being around. I look up to you in so many ways, I love you Ryno. Till next time my friend. ______________________________________________ My Brother... Great to see you last night and hear you do your special thing on stage! So awesome to hear the classics as well as some of your new material. Simply top notch! _______________________________________________ Hey, Ryan, you guys rocked, wow! Like I was saying, better each time, you're really AMAZING!! I can't wait for that next CD... you said August, now we're holding you to that, ha,ha! Your new songs were sensational, GREAT job, and your new piano talent, oh my!!! Do KEEP that up, you are doing SO well!! That "Hello Again" song you just wrote, man, that was wonderful, one of my favorites now! The one you're not sure if should be Scars or the other name, sorry I forgot your other choice, several of us said "Scars" hands down, but that's up to you. That was another tear-jerker. Wasn't it neat so many of us moved to tears, like you said, the pride's been put aside a long time ago--it's just too inspiring!! You move many, just look at that turnout too, soooo cool! Nashville's treating you really good, although we all MISS you here in Phoenix!!!! So great to see you again, and hope you can fly back often, although I know it's probably costly. God truly does have a plan! Thanks for inspiring us to move with our Dreams, Ryan, I know that's the message you sincerely convey!!! Keep in touch, love all the inspiring emails... Light and Love, Virginia (Ginny) _______________________________________________ HEY RYAN, THE SHOW WAS GREAT!!!! YOU HAVE SO MUCH TALENT AND YOU SING WITH PASSION IN YOUR HEART. I'VE ALWAYS KNOWN YOU ARE FABULOUS!!! I BOUGHT YOUR CDS THIS TIME TOO, NOW I HAVE THREE OF YOUR OLD ONE AND NOW YOUR NEW ONE. I LOVE IT!!! HOPE THINGS ARE GOING WELL FOR YOUR FAMILY. IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU, YOU LOOK GREAT!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN SOON, I KNOW YOU SAID IT MAY BE ANOTHER YEAR, IF IT HAS TO BE THAT LONG I WILL HAVE TO ECCEPT THAT.. BUT KEEP US INFORMED WHEN YOU DO COME BACK!!! TRULY, KAREN MARTIN _______________________________________________ Hey Ryan!! I saw you play for the first time the other night at Borders in Avondale, AZ. Me and my friend had a blast. Your music is awesome and has such a great message...It was nice to get to know you a little after the show...we will definately be following you around...keep up the good work :o) ~ Alex ___________________________________________________________________ Hey, It was good to see you again! My dad really liked the music so another hit! Keep us posted for any upcoming gigs. Jen ______________________________________________________________________ Ryan, I am severely impressed. Great music, and with a message I believe more people should hear. Please know I believe you have a great sound, and message I am interested in supporting. David _______________________________________________________________________ Saw Ryno live for the first time at Borders 3/26/05. Amazing!! Ryan and Pete are a great pair. Very inspirational, feel-good music. Too many to pick a favorite, but "A Lot to Live for" was in my head all the way home. Very catchy... I will be back....Linda _______________________________________________________________________ Hey Ryan: Okay, I am not normally one to express when something gets to me, but that song "Faith" is amazing. I think it is my new personal anthem.......... I have been going through some rough times lately and that song touched me. Thank you. _______________________________________________________________________ Your shows are the Bomb and I think your music is very enjoyable, and to share that with my friends is just the ultamite for me. Alanna.... ______________________________________________________________________ I just had the opportunity to check out your web site and am happy to see the out pouring of good feedback...I had a chance to listen to the sample CD and am very impressed by the sound and style. From what I saw of the show it was a lot of high energy and good fun. Best of luck, Dadra... ________________________________________________________________________ Ryno's music has been a real inspiration to me and is responsible for helping me discover my own spirituality. Garry. Favorite "Ryno" Song?: Faith _______________________________________________________________________ What an awesome Ryno performance last night at The Coffee Plantation in Gilbert! I'm so glad I finally got to hear them! I was very moved by Ryno & Peto's inspiring lyrics, beautiful acoustics and vocals, and just their humor and joy towards life! What a fun time for all! Thanks for a great show! I've been playing your CD all morning and looking forward to seeing you again! V.J. Favorite "Ryno" Song?: FAITH _______________________________________________________________________ Ryno was phenomenal this past Friday at Coffee Plantation! I had never been to one of his live shows before, and it was awesome because he has created quite a following that sings along to the songs, Ryno includes you into his show (ANGELINA! ), and you can't help being uplifted by his music. He narrowly avoided a deadly traffic accident to be there, and we all froze our butts off (more chai tea!! ), but it was really incredible! If you ever get the chance, make sure you go see him perform live! _______________________________________________________________________ Ryan, My daughter and I enjoyed you so very much on Saturday at Boarders. She gave the CD to her friend and it made her cry to think someone else out there was feeling the same way. She told my daughter to thank you for letting people know that they are not alone in their feelings. I really believe you are a gift from God to all the people who need hope. My husbands father died on Monday and he is back in NY helping his Mom with the arrangements. My daughter and I will try to get out and see you at one of the places you are playing this weekend and maybe we can bring her friend. Thank you and God for all you do. Love, Debbie and Elizabeth Massey _______________________________________________________________________ hey ryno!!! you rocked the other night!! sorry its taking me so long to post this up, but ive been working my a?* off this weekend. the show was really great and its so nice to see such perpetual optimism in music. thats very hard to find now a days and is greatly appreciated when its found. look forward to seeing you again and hearing some more of your music!!! Ryan - Hey there! My husband, Garry, and I went to see you at the Coffee Plantation last Friday and endured the cold with you. (even though we had our butts parked right under a heater!) We both thought that you were awesome. One of our favorite songs was "There's a lot to live for." We're wondering when that will be on a cd? We bought your CD and played it all weekend - can't wait for you to hit it big!!! Anyway - just wanted to send a quick note to say how great we thought you were and we can't wait to see you again! -Serra Garske I just wanted to let you know that we had a great customer response to Ryan Nicholson who performed here at Borders Avondale last Friday November 21. We had a full house for the majority of the evening with standing room only in the cafe. I had two customers approach me personally complimenting this performance. One customer who is a regular actually told me that it was the best music that he has heard at any of the Borders stores in town. I just wanted to pass this positive feedbackon to you. Ryan is interested in performing again for Borders either here or at another of our Arizona locations so please keep him in mind when schedueling events. Thanks, Dana Allar Cafe Supervisor ________________________________________________________________________ Hi Ryan, You and Pete were awesome tonight... especially under such chilled conditions! I'm really looking forward to listening to your CD tomorrow. When you have a chance, I'd really love to see the lyrics from Faith. What an awesome song! Have a remarkable weekend and I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Marty next day: By the way, I've just about worn out song #1 and Faith (#6) on the CD. What is the name of #1. What an awesome melody, words, and harmony!!! That song needs to be getting airplay! How can I help? Marty ______________________________________________________________________ Okay, if you haven't made it out to see Ryan play, ya GOTTA do it! Despite the fact that Kathy LaBarr and I had to leave Andy Hersey's gig at Yucca early to go see him last Saturday night before the Daylytes, we were NOT disappointed. What we saw amazed us! With a mixture of GREAT originals and a couple of covers, we were blown away with the talent this guy has. Ryan has so much energy and does a great job at engaging the crowd. The song "Hey You" has the audience screaming out those words at the top of their lungs. He really makes it fun and not just a spectator thing! He also made it a point to tell everyone at least a half dozen times to stick around for the "Living Daylytes" ... I just love it when musicians do that for each other. I know it's professional courtesy and all but sometimes it doesn't happen and I like to give kudos when it does. Ryan even stopped by our table to say hello and to thank us for coming out to see him. He also took the time to take pics with anyone and everyone. Ryan is really approachable and SUPER friendly. So, hats off to nippolicious Ryan. I Hope you get the chance to see him play! It's worth every penny! AZ Hootie _______________________________________________________________________ Ryan, I was so impressed tonight. You were excellent, your voice was great, your stage presence was so good. For the amount of experience you have you are incredible. All the way around the potential is far above what I expected (even after hearing the CD). If you think I'm kidding, ask your sister what I told her, you amaze me and always have. I enjoyed tonight completely and I think with the right promotion, the right venues and the right breaks (and the continued path that you are on musically - the flavor of music is great) you have a better chance than most to make a name in this area, and who knows where else! Congratulations on a very impressive night, not only to me, but the many others I saw and talked to. You did good man, see ya, Jim Hi Ryan!- I'm Melissa's sister...we met @ Euro Cafe`. Several words come to mind about your performance:IMPRESSIVE-ELECTRIC-STIMULATING-FUN..ETC..I was quite surprised. You never know just what you'll hear. I needed a pick me up after a long day at work. I'm now rejuvinated. I had some friends of mine from work come to hear you as well, and they too really had a great time! Thanks to all! A new fan...Rebecca:) ps-I would love a t-shirt. I'll give Mel the money Ryan, You guys were awesome on Saturday, You were FABULOUS! . It's just a matter of time before the word spreads and everyone finds out about it. I'm planning on recruiting some troops for your show in January, so be ready! Thanks for a fantastic show, and best of luck to you guys... RACHEL ________________________________________________________________________ Hey Ryan, I just wanted to say I listened to your CD and I can't believe that it's actually you singing. That just amazes me that you can sing like that. I also love this style of music. Awesome music, can't wait to see you perform live again. I hope you had a safe trip back home and wanted to say it was nice meeting you there, and keep in touch to let me know how things are going and when you’re playing in our area next. I think you are full of life and there's never a dull moment with you, your just a sweetheart. Take care and I will talk to you soon. Karin What a really incredible way to spend an evening.....for me and for the boys. you have my son and his friends hooked. They were saying how they want a CD when you have one.....so I put in my Second Sight CD on the way home and we yelled "hey you" as loud as we could.... Your songs really move me. I was in tears more than once......I noticed another lady wiping her eyes too (the one that left early because she had the active little toddler with her). I also got the chance to chat with many others there and they were in awe of your performance. You have such an awesome voice and I feel so blessed to get to hear you play. Much love Ryno!!! hootie that was a really cool way to spend an evening. i really like ryan's humor, he's quite the entertainer. hootie, i think your son is too young to be interested in girls. Phil You guys really impressed the two guys sitting at our table. I didn't know them and they didn't know that I knew you so there so was no reason for them to lie, but when I asked them what they thought, they had nothing but good to say. They thought you guys were headed for something big! I believe that, too. You guys are truly one of THE MOST polished sounds out there in the local music scene. I mean that! You sound as good as the signed bands! I know you'll get there... Sending postive thoughts and mucho prayers your way.... huge hugs, hootie ______________________________________________________________________ Review on "Pieces" - Ok, I really REALLY like it. The lyrics are great and your voice...awesome! Ummm...I would love to hear a full, rocked out version of this song too. Like during the guitar solo, wow, drums would rock right there. Awesome. Let us know when you record some more music! Colleen ____________________________________________________________________________________ I heard about you from a post on the Jason Mraz forum, and decided to check it out. I absolutly fell in love with the music. Maybe one day I could check you out here in Texas!!!!! Nicole _______________________________________________________________________ Another review of the song "Pieces" - Nice stuff man. Definatly would love to hear the full band version too. Really great though Keep us up to date id love to hear more of your work Q _______________________________________________________________________ "Pieces" review - i don't understand, today the link is working really nice song, hope the cd will be cross ocean (sometimes france is so far ) anyway i really love the voice WANT MORE!!!! i hope it won't be a problem if i give the link to musicalrock to make this song available to listen to by all the rockaddiction.com users”


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