WE WON!!!! #1

Happy TUESDAY, I've received countless emails askin' me the results of the ACRN (American country radio network) Top 20 votes....and well.....we got #1 (thanks to you and the radio listeners we did it) Can I get a Nashville YEHAWW!!! :-) I do sincerely want to thank each and everyone of ya that took time out of your day to vote for me. I've got to say, I've got the best fans "money can buy"......so send me yer paypal emaily thingy's and i'll pay up....LOL On a serious note, I'm forever grateful for the genuine love and support you've given to me and my dreams. I truly wouldn't be here if I didn't have people like you lifting my spirits through these trying times. I'll leave you with this one last promise......"mr. ryno" or shall I say "RHINO" ;-) isn't giving up on music anytime soon...in this life we really have to be persistent...cause nothing worth havin' comes easy right???? May you find love, peace and contentment in all you do and may your life be filled with purpose.... Be blessed...be love...inspire.... ryno www.ryannicholson.com www.myspace.com/ryno p.s. if ya enjoy my musica, please tell a friend or two, it's the biggest compliment i could ever receive......thanks!!

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