"Thank You!!" is all I can say.......5.20.09

Tomorrow night is a very special night for me and I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you" for your genuine support over the years.  Without you, I would not be where I am today......


It all started out in Arizona....rockin' out with some friends of mine that decided to "start a band"....well...as you may know......I was told the band was breaking up.....then walked in on em' while they were practicing with a new singer.....never felt so hurt in my life....but looking back...I see there was a divine purpose.  It lead me to some of the greatest musicians I've ever met...Pete Oliphant, Scott Bennedetto & Wayne Kandas.  We all got together and started "Second Sight"  what a priviledge it was to share the stage with those amazing men.  


Once we decided to disband the band ;-)  Pete Oliphant and I started an acoustic act "RYNO" (thank you hootie for the name) and played around Arizona for a few years, along with a very close friend Phil Rowe.  (May you rest in peace Phil...I think of you often and your beautiful daughter and wife and still hear your voice and your amazing guitar work on our albums)


During this period I felt a longing for something....life just didn't feel right and I prayed to GOD, please let me live your will...it was at this point that I surrendered to his desire for my life and to follow his lead.....to open my heart and mind to his purpose for my life......All signs pointed to Nashville, TN


Since my time in here in Nashville, I've had some of the highest highs, and some of the lowest lows.....it's the roller coaster ride that most songwriters find ourselves on during the "JOURNEY"....ups and downs...it actually parallels life in a way...


I still remember that first year, those first few months were exciting and I was goin' "UP,UP,UP....positive...thinkin' anything is possible.... but then BAMMMM!  I reached the peak and "DOWN I WENT" thinkin'.....I'm DONE!!....I don't belong here.....I went to a few writer nights, saw some of the big writers and honestly thought.....these writers are AMAZING....how could I ever even compare. 


During these low points I was blessed to have met some of the greatest friends a man could ever meet.....friends/writers/artists....I began to find new life....a new family...new community.....new inspiration....many that told me.."stop tryin' to write like the hit writers and write like you".  Together we walked hand in hand lifting each other up when we were down.......and were never to busy to push each other back down when our egos were getting to big (o.k. i'm only kiddin' bout' the latter) ;-)


So the day has come....my roller coaster is facing blue skies again.....anything really is possible if you just keep doin' what you love.  "Lainey Edwards" one of the "friends/artists" I'm talking about, is playing a showcase for many RECORD Labels tonight at "THE RUTLEDGE"and is releasing her debut album "LUCKY GIRL".   THIS album was produced by GRAMMY winning Producer "Brett Beavers" he produced multi-platiumn country artist "DIERKS BENTLEY"...and I'm happy to say I wrote 8 of the songs on it.


I write this letter to you today to say "THANK YOU!" for if it weren't for you, I might still be lookin' at some ugly "dirt"......instead of the "sunny blue skies!"  I'm truly grateful our paths crossed and pray you too are having the ride of your life knowing that you too can do "ANYTHING!!"  and if you're not, I hope you're ready to "HOP ON...and LET'S RIDE!!!"


Below is information regarding the SHOWCASE, If you have any friends or family out in Nashville, TN please feel free forward this info  to let em' know.....afterall....any friend of yours is a friend of mine ;-)  


Hope you're having a beautiful day.....and look forward to seeing you again someday very soon...


Be blessed in all you do...

Be love and love will surround you...



Ryan "ryno" Nicholson


Lainey Edwards (SHOWCASE) TONIGHT!!!!
Save the DATE:  Thursday, May 21st, 2009
Time: 6:00 P.M - 7:00 P.M (Please don't be late)
Where: The Rutledge



410 4th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37201
Phone - (615) 782-6858

Lainey's website is - www.myspace.com/laineyedwards
My website is - www.myspace.com/ryno


Feel free to email me with any questions!!!!!!!


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