t Happy Friday 2.9.07 "have you jumped off your cliff?"

Quick Baby Report


Well, no baby yet...however, we did make it to and are now past the due date...yehaww!!!


Last night momma was havin' some serious issues but is doin' much better today....never in my life did I think I'd have our Lay-Z-Boy in the upstairs bathroom next to our tub.....guess weirder things have happened..hahahaha....


Looks like we'll be scheduling inducement next week should lil' Madelyn decide to "stay in the oven"......heck I would if I were her...it's been chilly here in Nashville....she's probably in there havin' a hayday roastin' marshmellows while we're out here wrapped up "many times over" in anything warm we can get our hands on...btw "dachunds" a.k.a wiener dogs make great lap warmers....Luckily i'm told our blood will warm up by the third winter....one more to go!!


UPDATE & "Have you jumped off your cliff?"


In other news, thanks to everybody rememberin' to vote for my song (either one) "each day" in the ISC "people's choice" contest....and for getting the word out to friends and family....only 20 more days to go....


It's really been a while since I sent an official update so, I'm happy to report that one of my friends and co-writer Rebecca Self had a healthy baby named "Boston" and no he doesn't look like me.


Another friend and co-writer in town is going to be on a songwriting reality series to be aired on national t.v....so look out for Donna Desopo...Amazing writer... website http://www.myspace.com/donnadesopo


I also just had a friend win "best song" for one of her tunes in a UK Country radio awards show held overseas in Europe...and she received a runner up selection in the John Lennon songwriting contest for her tune "I'm not ready yet" great song. Her name is Lorna Flowers....website http://www.myspace.com/lornaflowerssongwriter


Melody Guy is a wonderful friend that has her song "Mistakes like me" coming out on radio in March. Please request it at yer local country station. This song gives me chills everytime I hear it and the acoustic version is on her site....it's about her son that has mental challenges. She wants to get him into a special school but doesn't have the money...hopefully with a lot of airplay she can accomplish this goal. Melody's website - http://www.myspace.com/melodyguy


"Bill D" as I call him...has one of his songs nominated as a finalist in the CMT/NSAI song contest...be sure to keep an eye out and support this amazing writer and great friend. One of my favorite songs of his is called "What would Jesus drive" at his site.... Bill D - http://www.myspace.com/dbilld


Buddy Robert Arey, was given the "Horizon Award" at TSAI awards show 2006. Horizon is for those that show a huge growth in songwriting ability in a year. Great friend and writer...Robert Arey site - http://www.myspace.com/robarey


Jarrod Doucet has some great news as well, we both have a song of ours "For the ones i love" as a finalist in the country category in the ISC contest. I'm looking forward to hearing big things from him....another great writer with a gift of melody and music. Jarrod Doucet - http://www.myspace.com/jarroddoucet


So, those are some success stories to tell ya about......


I've only been here a year and a half and am blown away by the amazing talent this town has to offer...writers, artist....etc....and it just reminds me that God has placed a gift in every one of us, you included...and I feel so blessed that I leaped off that "cliff of fear" and am growing my wings as I go. Just as did all these writers above. It's not the easiest thing to do, indeed....however it's one of those choices that once it's done, you wonder why ya didn't do it sooner....


Fear - False expectation appearing real


What are you afraid of this year? I hope you find inspiration in the stories above and jump off your cliff....


Be blessed...be love..inspire







P.S. in case ya didn't get the email about the contest i'm a finalist in, please see below....


Sent last week...




Hope this message reaches ya in happy and healthy spirits....


I'm writing you today in hopes that I can earn your vote for one of my tunes....


I just received confirmation that 2 of my songs have been selected as

finalist in (two different categories) in the prestigious (International

Songwriting Competition) out of 15,000 songs entered.

For the Country and Singer/Songwriter Categories.


In addition to the judges votes, they are having a "PEOPLE'S VOICE"

nomination, where you get to vote for your favorite song once a day....yes

it can be the same song ;-) And voting will close FEB 28th, so everyday

counts. The song with the most votes wins $1500.


If ya wanna help me out, simply go to the link below....I encourage you to

listen to the other artists songs as well and vote for your favorite.


My songs happen to be


"For the ones I love" -- Written by me and Jarrod Doucet &


Scars "Here we are" -- solo write (Ryan "ryno" Nicholson)


If you could, please forward this to your friends and family, as your

support is greatly appreciated. And this "soon to be pappa" (few days

away) can use the winnings to pay for diapers ;-)


Be blessed in all you do...


Cheers to a life filled with purpose, passion and peace,


Ryan "ryno" Nicholson




LINK is here



For the ones I love



Scars "here we are"







Looks like there's less than 6 weeks of winter left, the ol' groundhog didn't see his shadow...(or did he? ;-)

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