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Hey ya'll.... I hope October treated you well and you got enough candy to fill your halloween baggy ;-) What's new? Well, last Saturday, my ASCAP class got the opportunity to have a song recorded. So, my group and I decided to write a song called "Someday". It's a tune that'd I'd worked on a little back in AZ and had a few lyrics too but after a few meetings with some other great writers (Kristen and Jaime) we hashed things out and came up with a killllller tune...sounds kind of like the band GARBAGE...and it's my first song ever with a bad word in it...yeah, I'm human too ;-) Sometimes you say what you feel right? I have a few edits to make and then I'm going to upload it here. BTW - A huge thanks to Darrell Brown for bank rolling all of the demo costs at the studio for the ASCAP Class rock dude...and your writing/producing is nothing short of amazing. Ummmmmm...just been doing more writing.... currently finishing up on 2 new songs (Little Town Livin' and Missin' Somethin') that are going to blow ya away......oh yeah, just finished another tune as well with a few friends called NAUGHTY (it's not as bad as you think...i promise) It's a cute idea that we just had to roll with...i this town ya just have to think outside the box!!! and we sure did *Haha... Well, have a great week, chat with ya'll soon i'm ryno p.s. you are 1 choice away from following your dream ;-)

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