special open mic

MON DEC 29TH > o.k. i'm guilty....peto and i did an open mic last night at yucca tap room and had an absolute blast.....That was me and Peto's first ever open mic together and I've got to say it was a blast...... Many thanks to AJ for being such a great host.....I got to see so many great artists it was sickening... Eric Douglas (Erico) - www.ericdouglasmusic.com *you rock dude... K.J. (Toddo) - don't know if you have a website yet...great music man! Nick (Niko) - www.colorfastband.com *amazing range and awesome tunes!! also met some really nice people from the board - - - - - Roxanne Riley (Debo) - hootie's going to post the meanings to all of our names shortly...it was great meeting you and can't wait for the trip!! Loner (Lizo) - hope you have a safe trip back to minnesotta DamonZ (Damo) - i have a feeling you're gonna end up on that bus to magic mtn with us....i've got faith in hootie LOL Yuccaner (Veno) - loved yucca...hadn't been there since I was 12 years old ....hanging out with mom at the bars Preciousone (Allano) - you just missed us! we'll make the hollywood show worth the wait k? And as always HOotie (Hooto) - did ya figure that one out yet?? To anyone else I missed, I'm sooooooooo sorry! But tonight was awesome and thank you to everyone for making it so special...Light and Love, ryno

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