road trip (magic mtn)

SATURDAY, JAN 10TH > yeah!!!! we made it home safely *LOL........gotta say...that was the funnest road trip i've ever taken......thank you to everyone that helped make it guys are all so wonderful......i don't know if you noticed it, but that bus was filled with LOVE. such wonderful people with great was great to meet many new fans as well that decided to join us...for those that couldn't's a little blurp on the trip!!! basically we packed in a bunch of people on this big ol' bus and watched "Pirates of the Carribean" on the way up. very few people slept because of all the excitement....i know i couldn't sleep... then we arrived to magic mtn. talk about a beautiful day..partly cloudy..mostly sunny...about 65 degrees. gates opened and bam, we were off!! some of us faster than others LOL......i heard some crazy ride when rainy's daughter passed out on the "superman" ride and also when scottyb's daughter couldn't catch her breath on the "goliath"...must have been pretty scary.....oh and not to mention melanie's son matt who went on one ride like 20 times in a row......and her daughter april went on it 10 times before calling it quits...and we're not talking little rides here, we're talking the big ones!! after magic mtn, we headed out for HOLLYWOOD dadadada HOLLYWOOD and ate dinner. still feeling a little out of it after 36 hours of no sleep and riding rides at Magic Mtn, i decided to eat something light...(eggs benedict) ended up pretty much eating the eggs (for protein) and that was about it LOL.....i didn't want to end up having a barf party up on stage as i was going to be perfoming in about another 20 minutes or so.......after dinner, we all headed back across the street to the acoustic playhouse...and very nice intimate setting with booths, tables, bar and sweet acoustic set up on stage. peto and i plugged in and we were on our way. the show was absolutely amazing...the energy was awesome and with the adrenaline i had going, you'd never know i was now reaching my 37 hr of no sleep .....crazy what "WINDS" the body can give you.....basically all night, i fed off the energy of the wonderful crowd that had accompanied me and peto on this wonderful voyage to CA. it was another great night filled with meaning and love and boy did CALIFORNIA get rocked with HEY YOU'S....if you don't know what HEY YOU is, you'll know soon enough......( basically by screaming HEY YOU out loud, it symbolizes that you want to wake up the world to LOVE....and for humanities sake you want to lend a hand in spreading that love by screaming HEY YOU!!) Simple enough eh...just two little words??.....After the show, we all hopped back onto the bus (yess like bunnies) and fell asleep....the end!! p.s. please don't ever forget to share your hey you's within your immediate world. it really is a small world we live in and yes, one person can make a difference...that one person is you!....light and love..ryno

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