not an empty seat in da house

MONDAY, MARCH 28th wow!!..if i would have written this just one day earlier then i'd be on a roll for 27ths.....freaky...LOL. well, we just had a gig 2 nights ago at Borders in Chandler and it was about a packed house...i can't thank each and everyone of you enough for all your support. looks like next time, fans will have to bring their own really...for a while there, there wasn't a single empty seat. there were some highlights from the night...1st memorable moment was when i accidentally went to the restroom in the ladies room...(it really was an accident) talk about feeling weird...especially when there's another lady waiting on you so that she can go....(funniest thing is that i remember walking in and wondering why there weren't any of those wall units to go to the bathroom in....) oh well, i made it out safely and wasn't harmed in anyway....also Eric Douglas made it out to play Harmonica on Dream with us....he's amazing on that thing....not to mention he did a guest appearance and played "Heartland"'s my favorite song of his... binki boy (matthew..our youngest fan) also made it out...and we got him to scream "HEY YOU!!" all by himself....we were so proud of him.....I heard later that he was a little upset with us because we didn't remember how to play "ILENE" his second favorite song....yes, we need to practice that one for the next case he's there.. i was also very pleased to see dadra and her big group of friends (she practically filled up the place herself with all those people.....was so glad to hear they all had a great time)...saw a very familiar face off to my right (the clay table) and wanted to thank him for bringing out his family and friends (i do know that we met him at the Coffee Plantation in Gilbert back in December of last year....) Also, wanted to thank the clay extradorinaires (hope that's spelled right) for making us a "RHINO"..a "BASS GUITAR" and a "TREE" for the guys are to sweet... thank you also to Wayne, Swati for making it out...Ben and Jen (with family)...and David (potential new drummer for "RYNO") and his wife and Linda (and her friend) well, if i left anyone out, i must sincerely apologize....please take a moment though and check out the picts on the photo album from the night...they're awesome...and you'll get to see the "CLAY creations" i hope you all had a wonderful easter day...and wish you a great week...please stay tuned for our upcoming shows...or just enter your email on the home page and we'll let you know when and where we'll be....."don't put off till tomorrow what you could do today" ryno (from the song free to go)

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