more recordin' (dream)

THURSDAY, JAN 27th who would have guessed i'd be writing in the journal exactly 1 month since my last entry...what's going on? well, i'm still in the process of recording "DREAM". i do have to say it's coming along much better than i expected. peto came over last week and laid the bass track down and i've been doing editing for pretty much the last 2 weeks. had a few snags throughout "like barking dogs in the background" but those have all been taken care of ;-) today, i plan on putting some final touches on the tune before eric comes over on sunday to put down a harmonica track....yeppers, you heard it right, a harmonica. it will be a "RYNO" first. and i can't wait to hear it!! other than that, nothing new...just trying to live a "dream" p.s. the band thing has been put on hiatus, and "RYNO" will be performing live as an accoustic trio until further notice. live your dream and light, ryno

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