Live like you were dying

Believe it or not but I got to meet one of the men responsible for writing one of the most inspiring songs I think I've ever heard. If you haven't heard this song, please take a moment to look this song up on the net. It's "live like you were dying" by Tim McGraw. He's also the ASCAP writer of the year...very hard pressed to come by. HIs name is Craig Weisman and he is truly the most down to earth and inspiring person I've met since coming here. He told a cool story of misfortune that actually helped guide him (goes to prove that bad things happening to good people might actually be good things) Some cool wisdom he shared that'll I've long believed but will share it again is - Leave the past in the past....Don't worry too much about the'll come in time...maybe.....and Live in the NOW! So many people get caught in auto-pilot and try not to think to much about's O.K. to's O.K. to challenge's O.K. to LIVE..... Well, I hope you have a wonderful ryno

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