Just don't give up...!!!

I wanted to share a cool story with ya that really touched my heart yesterday... I went to the CMA music festival yesterday and was handed a big ol' package of stuff (magazines, memoribillia etc..) and came across a sticker that had the group Alabama on it......if ya don't know who Alabama is, they've had 40 number one hits and have been well known since they day they were signed in April of 1980. This quote will probably forever stick in my head....it was from the lead singer Randy Owens....paraphrased....he said..."We're just living proof of what can happen when you just don't give up!!!!".....Wow..i thought as the ol' goose pimples sprouted from my every pore..... It's so true...in all aspects of life....just don't give up!!! So, that's my story and i'm stickin' to it.... May your weekend be filled with life, love and laughter.... BE BLESSED....BE LOVE....and most of all...."NEVER GIVE UP!!" ryno www.ryannicholson.com www.myspace.com/ryno p.s. if you know of somebody that might appreciate these spppporadic happy friday messages, please let em' know.....cya

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