Hay ride....yehaww!! Leaves are changin'

Last night was a blast...we were invited to go to a neighborhood hay ride at a 200 acre farm just across the street. You can check out the farm online at www.taprootfarm.net Heard some really cool war stories about how the troops in the civil war came through and fought on these lands...pretty weird when ya think about it. My back yard could have been a camping site...ya never know!! The leaves are finally starting to change and the weather is finally getting chilly...when I get a moment I'll upload a few picts of the area...Today it got up to 55 degrees and is supposed to stay under 60 all week. At night we're supposed to get to 32 degrees at least for the week...burrrrr....can you say I need to shop for winter clothes...(in AZ ya didn't need a whole lot to keep ya warm ;-) I'm heading off to watch game to of the World Series....enjoy your week!! Love, Ryan

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