Happy Sunday!! Are you on the list?

A friend of mine and I recently had an opportunity to share stories about family, life and the pursuit of the creative side of life....how do you balance it all?? Remain sane throughout the chaos....?? Keep the chaos controlled?


He mentioned to me that lately he had no time for his creative projects, his artwork, which I must say, God gave him amazing talent. I'm quite blown away at what I've seen. Yet he has no time for it. Between the 8-5 job...the chores around the house, being a husband and father.....he's left tired and uninspired.


I too share his concerns, being a new father, husband and well, starving artist....oh, and that 8-fiver....I'm left wondering.....where am I going to find time for me? It sounds so very selfish in a way, but it's really unhealthy for the soul. Like him, I have a long laundry list of things to get done....people to please.....but have failed to put myself on the list.......we both had a lil' chuckle....as we both said...in a childish manner.... "i want to be on my list".....


So, I only write this today to let ya know you're not alone, if you haven't put yourself on your list as of late. I don't want to sound as if this is a "poor me" attitude either, because I do believe it happens for a purpose... maybe it takes getting to this point to move towards change, for a better future for us, for our souls and our loved ones.


Today my friend, I've put me on the list, I'm at the bottom ;-) but I'm on it, I'm just beneath the other very imortant people in my life. But at least I'm on it.....


And for my friend, he's on his list too.....yep you guessed it, at the bottom.


It's O.K. to think, to question,

to be down, to get back up, to move into the unknown future with limitless opportunities, to be hurt, to get better.......to want to be better.......afterall.... when we strive to make ourselves better, we make a better world....


be blessed this Sunday in all ya do

be love and love will surround you




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