Happy Friday - HISstory

Well, I made it to Arizona safely and had a pleasant visit with my Grandpa yesterday. I hadn't seen him in about 2 years and wasn't prepared for what I saw. He lost over 30 lbs and gave several blank stares like he was searching for what to say. At one point, he felt "ALL" his pockets like days of old in search of his cigarettes. When asked what he was doing, he said....."I just bought cigarettes yesterday down at the store and can't find them". He's in the special care area at a care facility and has no access to a store with cigarettes and hasn't had one for a long while. When asked how he got to the store, he said, "I walked there yesterday" and continued..."It was only about 10 miles". At one point while having lunch, he pointed to a lady that looked eerily similar to my Grandmother who passed 2 years ago and said, "Ryan, did you see Grandma?" I questioned, "That's Grandma?" he looked at me with his gentle drooping tired eyes and said, "Yeah, I talked to her yesterday....she changed her name ya know...it is Carol". Of course that wasn't my Grandmother's name....Ernestine is a far far cry from Carol...doesn't even share a letter ;) I continued the visit asking about his past...things he enjoyed, things he did....memories he had and it appeared for a moment Grandpa was back. Sharing the story about the time he "FELL" off the boat while in the NAVY. Yes....he fell about 42 feet into the deep waters below while painting the side of a Navy Aircraft Carrier........when asked of his favorite memory with Grandma he said, "what do you mean favorite?".....and continued...."they were all great!" Then he paused......the blank stare came back......I'm not going to lie, that one choked me up...and drowned my eyes a bit..... We concluded the visit taking him back to his room with the bare white walls, walls that held not a single picture except for the old familiar one of him and Grandma....smiling in their SUNDAY best.....a picture I remember hanging in my own home as a child....a picture that will forever be tatooed in my mind......As I left, I gave him a big hug. Was it a last hug? Perhaps. Did we say our last words? Perhaps. Was it my favorite memory of Grandpa? No.......they're all great.... I pray this Happy Friday letter inspires you to reach out to your loved ones, your Grandparents....and that you may rekindle. Be blessed in all you do.. Be love and love will surround you.. Inspire.. Ryan P.S. I thank you dearly for your friendship...for your support and love...may you have a beautiful and blessed weekend........ P.P.S. If yer in Arizona this weekend, please come out and say hi at the show. I'll be at Borders Chandler Pavillions off of Ray and 54th Street....tomorrow night Saturday Sept 11th, 2010 - 7:00 P.M (FREE/ALL AGES) www.facebook.com/rynomusic www.twitter.com/rynomusic www.reverbnation.com/ryannicholson