Happy Friday!! Happy "NEW" You!! 12/30/2011

By now you may have heard about the 18 year old young man who died on Christmas day.  Young Ben Breedlove had the same heart condition that my Grandmother carried her entire life.  A condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.  He left behind a silent video speaking through flash cards about his near death experiences, seeing light, feeling love, joy...and peace.  There's a part in the video where the card says something to the nature of "I'm proud of how I lived my life"......and then closes with "do you believe in angels or God"....."I do"....

Ben's video here really took me by surprise.  In a world filled with the "worries" of tomorrow, here was a young man who knew and appreciated the fragility of his life and that tomorrow may indeed never come.  Was it because he saw something that many have never seen that made him unafraid? 

When Ben spoke of "THE LIGHT" he saw and the "Peace" that overcame him, it brought back vivid memories of my experience one night about 8 years ago as I sat in a pitch black room in one of my darkest hours.  I didn't know if a GOD existed, but this night I prayed out to him for guidance.  A night that changed my life forever.  I posted that entire story along with how I made it to NASHVILLE here if you're interested.  MY STORY

This NEW year brings forth new opportunities for each of us to spread LOVE and LIGHT into the world.  To ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE those around us to become the best representation of the divine spirit that lives within.  I've heard it best said, we're divine beings living the human experience.  Ben's story reminds me that statement couldn't be more true. 

I've also heard it said that our body is a temple for the SOUL, that we shall treat it as such.  We must honor it by taking good care of it physically and by nourishing it.  If you feel you need help putting a plan in place to bring forth a "NEW" you this year, please let me know.  If you don't have money, don't worry, I won't let that be a "BARRIER" to helping you.  It really isn't about the money anyway.  It's about being able to look back on life as Ben did and be able to speak those powerful 8 words......."I'm proud of how I lived my life" 

You can visit me at www.daretolivefit.com  to start your plan for the NEW YEAR and guess what...you don't have to live in Tennessee to use my COMPLETE TRAINING SYSTEM ;-)

May Peace, Joy and Love embrace you with ABUNDANCE in 2012 and beyond.


Be blessed in all you do...

Be love and love will surround you...





Ryan and the girls