Happy Friday - FEB 26th 2010 - Persistency

Wow, I can hardly believe it's been almost 2 years since I've sent out a Happy Friday letter.  I remember really looking forward to sharing a lil' somethin' that had touched my spirit or inspired me the week prior. 


Guess you could say I got busy...that seems to happen these days in this fast paced world eh?  I do have a lil' excuse however....I had a lil' girl mizzzz "Madelyn Grace", then I ended up moving, then I had another little girl miss "Ava Faith".  And just like that, we're 3 years down the road ;-)


If you're wondering why I'm writing one today, it's because several friends of mine keep emailing me, telling me how they miss the Happy Friday Letters and were wondering why I haven't sent one out in forever....some would call it nagging, I simply call it persistence....so here's to you my friends ;-)


Which brings me to today's Happy Friday topic....Persistency


My friends have proved to me, that if you want something bad enough, be a squeaky wheel and be persistent...afterall, they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease right? 


Now of course you don't wan't to be so squeaky that ya need 3 cans of WD40 to fix ya up....just enough so that a lil' squirt will do.... ;-)


If you have kids & pets you know all about persistence - My little Madelyn Grace is the definition of persistence.  Go ahead and look it up in Websters...her name will be right there - it reads:


Per Sis Tence - Madelyn G. Nicholson -  "lil' squeaker that never gives up, falls down and gets right back up"


I've also had the fortunate blessing of living with a lil' Dachsund named Kiara (My First Daughter ;-) that over the years has taught me alot about persitency.  She has this thing for wanting to sit in my lap while eating.....it goes a little something like this.  She jumps in my lap, I'll set her back down.  (This repeats about 12 times) and by the 13th, well, needless to say, she's cuttled in a ball back up on my lap while daddy finishes dinner.  You've been there before I know ;-)  It goes the same for playing, my goodness,  pets love to play don't they?


So what am I tryin' to say? Well...I guess it's if ya want somethin' bad enough for you or for your family....give it your all....let's be more like our pets and our children....and look at life through their innocent "CAN DO ANYTHING" eyes.  Somewhere along the way, I think we all have in a lil' way built a "WALL" around our potential...around our GIFTS....and every time we hit that "WALL" (some of us have hit it more than others) we find that it hurts.....and we give up....


Persistency teaches us that the "WALL" is our friend.  For if the "WALL" wasn't there, we would never need to learn one of the most valuable lessons in life......."Persistency"


I hope this new year fills your heart with joy, laughter and memories you'll have forever.....


May you have a blessed weekend..


Be blessed in all you do..

Be love and love will surround you..



Ryan "ryno" Nicholson



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