Happy Friday 5.25.07 "God's perfect timing"

It feels like only yesterday when I was kicked out of the first band I ever formed out in Arizona....yes...kicked out....replaced by another singer.....in fact.....it all went down kinda like that movie "Rock Star" with Mark Wahlberg.... I went over to the drummers house (where we practiced) to pick up my gear (since the band was supposedly breaking up) and what did I find???? I found my band jammin' with a new singer........boy did that hurt....kinda felt like I'd been kicked in the gut with steal toed boots.....felt sick to my stomach for days....what was I to do now? I'd invested so much time learning "Cover" tunes......and was really looking forward to playin' out (Please note: at this time, I hardly knew a chord on the guitar....hadn't written a song....and had never played in front of a crowd) What I didn't know at the time was that God had a greater plan for my life....and I can only see that now as I look back on life........there are other "scenarios" but this one captures the true essence that BAD things will happen (that actually turn out to be BLESSINGS) God had me in that band just long enough to stir up a fire inside, to inspire me to want to do more with music, to learn how to play guitar, to write my own music....to inspire others that go through difficult times.... So what are your challenges right now? Are you being kicked out of your band....friends and family stepping out of your life...is a fire being lit inside you? If something doesn't feel right...go with your gut instinct.... afterall...it's perfect timing.... Be blessed.. Be love... Inspire... Ryno

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