Happy Friday - 5/20/2011 - "More than Coincidence?"

Ever have one of those moments that simply sends chisels up your spine and makes every hair on your body stand up? Goosebumps clearly can't define what happened to me, or better yet, a few guests of mine last night. If you've ever wondered or questioned if we are a part of something so much greater than what we can see with our bare eyes in this beautiful universe......then I hope this story will be a magnificent testimony and reminder. Just last night, I met a MOTHER (in her 50's) and her DAUGHTER (in her 30's) sitting down at table 407, one of my dimly lit booths down at the BONEFISH. I walked over to welcome them to the restaurant when the MOM mentioned that they just flew in from NORTH CAROLINA. They were in town for a 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL SERVICE for her Husband, who had lost his life in the terrible NASHVILLE FLOODS only a year ago. She said that on that day, she wasn't sure where her husband went, but when the waters finally receded, she found him lying in the pasture on their farm.....lifeless. That's when she sold the farm and moved away to be with her DAUGHTER in North Carolina. I couldn't help but ask them both if they've felt his presence at all since his passing. They both replied with a resounding "NO"...and that they both wish that he'd "SEND THEM A SIGN"...and that "HE WAS ALWAYS A TALKER SO HE'S PROBABLY BUSY CHATTIN' AWAY SOMEWHERE IN HEAVEN" ;-) It was then, I noticed that my table adjacent to them needed refills. I excused myself and turned to table 409 where a nice family was in the middle of dinner. As I refilled drinks, I overheard the gentleman at the table ask his wife if she knew anybody that lived in RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA.... he looked perplexed...as he gazed at his phone...then said it was probably just a wrong number. "WHY" she asked. He said, "Well, I don't know anybody from RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA and their was a message left with dead air." Immediately I thought of the Mother and Daughter sitting only a table away just behind me. "Hadn't they just told me they were in from NORTH CAROLINA?" I thought. Surely they weren't from RALEIGH...that would just be too coincidental right? Well, I was bound to find out. After their meal, as I spoke with the Mother and Daughter, I couldn't help but ask...."So what part of North Carolina did you say you were from?" The Mother looked at me with a grin and replied "RALEIGH". (INSERT GOOSEBUMPS HERE) Should I keep this info to myself or tell them I pondered. I decided to tell them, since it seemed to coincidental to be true and well, if you know me, I have no shame.....So I told them both about the mysterious phone call the man had received at the next table........and slowly, the tears streamed down their faces....it was as if they finally felt his presence again....a presence they so longed for.... I looked them in the eyes and couldn't help but be consumed with overwhelming joy and elation that their wish had just come true on the eve of a Memorial for the love of their life....a loving, caring man........a gentle Father and caring Husband.... More than coincidence? May all your days be filled with peace, joy, love and light with hope for a more beautiful tomorrow.........may you bless all those you come in contact with everyday.....may you continually inspire and uplift those around you...and be inspired by the continuous mysteries that life has to offer. Today is the first day of the rest of your life ;-) Be blessed in all you do... Be love and love will surround you... Inspire.... Ryan www.facebook.com/rynomusic www.ryannicholson.com www.reverbnation.com/ryannicholson