Happy Friday 3.9.07 "An ordinary house fly"

I read a great story recently that spoke of the limits we put on ourselves....in fact, it spoke of a housefly that if put in a jar with a lid for a length of time will find that it cannot fly out and will simply give up trying....tired of bumping into the ceiling.... Even when the lid is removed, the fly will no longer attempt to fly out and will stay in the jar....because it learned not to try....because it'll result in failure..... How many times have we been stuck in that jar? Are ya stuck right now? I hope this story motivates you to keep on tryin'...to keep pressin' forward when it looks bleak....even when that lid seems pressed so tight that it'll never come off....... Have a blessed weekend..... May your days be filled with life, love, laughter and purpose...... Ryno www.ryannicholson.com www.myspace.com/ryno

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