happy friday 3.3.06

Just the other day I received some unfortunate news about a classmate of mine who made the decision that it was time he leave this world and move on to the unknown. It was only 2 weeks ago that my new friend and I were walking stride by stride, as we left class, talking about the brown recluse spider bite he'd gotten during gym. Everything seemed O.K. but it apparently wasn't. My teacher said something in class that will forever resignate with me. She said, "don't make a permanent decision based off a temporary problem." Boy does that ring true. Yes, life is hard....filled with it's blessings and it's curses...but it is as she states "a life worth living." Please read this uplifting passage by Ralph Murphy. We are so lucky to have the opportunities we do..... Light and Love, Ryan "ryno" Nicholson www.ryannicholson.com p.s. - a few new songs have been uploaded to the website...feel free to check them out. One is a song called "Keep movin' on." Friday, March 3, 2006 Something new Today is a new, unique, original day. So find something new, unique and original to do with it. You are knowledgeable, talented, and creative. You live in a universe where new possibilities are continually multiplying. What new creation can you bring to life today? In what new and original way can you express the blessed uniqueness of who you are? Go beyond merely moving though the motions and the moments. Put some real creative life into your thoughts and actions. Consider how very flexible and adaptable and open you have the ability to be. There are truly amazing things that you've already done with all that ability, and even more great things you are now able to do. This moment is your opportunity to make more than just a rerun of the past. Give of yourself something new to life, every chance you get.

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