Happy Friday 3.16.07 The "Madelyn" inside us all

Before Madelyn arrived in this world I sat late one night in my jam room, lights dimmed, and started strummin on my shiny black ibanez acoustic guitar (it reflected a fine bright light against the wall thanks to my Uncle Mark who visited a few weeks prior and showed me how to clean the dirtly ol' thang, not to mention how to change the strings ;-) Lookin' at the white light shinin' on the wall I thought about the little miracle and ball of light that lie innocently inside Heather's belly...."MY DAUGHTER" What would she grow up to be? Would she have battles in life to conform to societies beliefs of what she should or shouldn't be.... or would she be like the "hippies" of yesteryear and follow her heart...to be free....to be a unique representation of what she thinks God intended her to be?? Unafraid to be different...to accept others....to stand up for what she believes in....to be strong in her skin...to be proud of who she is....standin' in her shoes every step of the way..... As a new "Father" I want the best for her....to lay that foundation of faith, hope, love and appreciation for others that are unique in their own right....thus a song was born..."Madelyn" We were all once just like her....future unknown...all we cared about was a clean diaper, some "Boobie Juice" and lil' TLC.....we saw the world with fresh eyes....and a learning spirit...unafraid of what others thought of us.... Today is a new day to bring back a little of that "Madelyn" inside each and everyone of us......to be unafraid....to accept the world and its people with open arms....forever learning of the great possibilities this wonderful life has to offer.... Be blessed in all you do.... May this weekend bring you lots of love, laughter and peace... Lastly, thanks so very much for your love and support...I'm forever grateful. Ryan "ryno" Nicholson www.ryannicholson.com www.myspace.com/ryno P.S. If you'd like to hear "Madelyn" in it's entirety visit www.myspace.com/ryno (it's the first song in the player) P.P.S Single song downloads are NOW AVAILABLE on my website thanks to SNOCAP....only .99 cents P.P.S Arizona show coming soon (in MAY) thanks for helping to get the word out....

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