Happy Friday 2.22.07

What a week, finally got momma and baby home and have hardly slept a wink....who woulda thought a lil' one could consume your every minute and make ya feel a little nutz ;-) There have been some funny momentus moments however, like the time I woke up bedside holding and rocking my pillow (sleep deprivation...what's that?) And again this morning when Heather said I was trying to comfort my pillow, while lying in bed....checkin' a diaper perhaps?? ;-) Even Heather was panicked for a second this morning with an "OH NO!, Did I forget the 9:30 feeding" ....as she woke out of a quick hour nap.... Parenthood...what else is there to say....other than, thanks mom for enduring through my younger years....I never knew what it was like....and now I respect you even more.....LOL Well, this is the last week as well for the "ISC" contest "PEOPLE'S CHOICE" votes will be tallied Feb 29th at midnight.....and I want to thank you if you've set aside a minute out of your day to vote for one of my tunes....i'll forever be grateful........if ya haven't voted and want to help with the final last week push...here's the info below..... In addition to the judges votes, they are having a "PEOPLE'S VOICE" nomination, where you get to vote for your favorite song once a day....yes it can be the same song ;-) And voting will close FEB 28th, so everyday counts. The song with the most votes wins $1500. If ya wanna help me out, simply go to the link below....I encourage you to listen to the other artists songs as well and vote for your favorite. LINK is here http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/PVWelcome2006.htm My songs happen to be "For the ones I love" -- Written by me and Jarrod Doucet & Scars "Here we are" -- solo write (Ryan "ryno" Nicholson) If you could, please forward this to your friends and family, as your support is greatly appreciated. And this "soon to be pappa" (few days away) can use the winnings to pay for diapers ;-) Be blessed in all you do... Cheers to a life filled with purpose, passion and peace, Ryan "ryno" Nicholson www.ryannicholson.com www.myspace.com/ryno LINK is here http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/PVWelcome2006.htm For the ones I love Or Scars "here we are" Thought for the day It is always wise to stop wishing for things long enough to enjoy the fragrance of those now flowering........patrice gifford...

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