Happy Friday 12/23/11 Tis the Season for ENLIGHTENMENT

Tis’ the season for enlightenment……

Have you ever met or known somebody or a family and thought…WOW! They must have it all together...life must be peaches and banana pancakes for them.  Always smiling, happy to share an encouraging word, never an ounce of negativity seeping out of their mouth?  You have?

Me too, in the form of some of my regular guests down at the Bonefish Grill.  In fact, I saw them again just the other night, lighting up the restaurant with their brilliant spirit.  I had the privilege of being serenaded by their daughter….a sweet little 5 year old girl who sang me "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" with the most delicate angelic voice...Mom and Dad gleaming with pride as they looked on.  It was another wonderful night "on the job".

I couldn't help but email them when I got home to thank them for yet again another wonderful visit and for always continuing to lift my spirits with their thoughtful and encouraging words.  Yes, this family has it all together.....Peace, Joy and Love exudes from them, they must not have a care in the world……or so I thought.

Well, I received a reply..."Ryan, Thanks so much.....Merry Christmas.  (WIFE’S NAME REMOVED) had breast cancer this year and had to have a double mastectomy...it has been a rough year...many surgeries.....but all is good.  We are blessed folks....it could always have been worse. We are still alive and kicking.....so it's not that bad……....thank you for being an inspiration to us....you're a special soul”

As I read the email, I couldn't help but feel shocked, I was totally unaware of their TRIALS.  I thought, if this family could shed so much love and light in their “Darkest Hours”...what is the potential for those of us who do not face such a burden?  What potential do we have to inspire and encourage those around us on our daily walk?  Are we focused on spirit and service to others, released of all fear, knowing that our spiritual and material needs will be met as a result?

This beautiful family reminds me that we all have so much POTENTIAL in “serving” our world around us.  To leave the house each and every day expecting to make a difference in one person’s life, expecting to meet COOL PEOPLE on our journey… to enlighten and be enlightened by others, expecting to make our world a better place one person at a time, for your children and mine.

They have decided to “COME ALIVE“ when moments of despair could have held them back......have you “COME ALIVE”???  Will you join me in 2012 and beyond????

Being a server at The Bonefish Grill has taught me the spirit of service (no pun intended) without an expectation of anything in return.  I have a calling to serve everyone as if they're my own family. Truth be told, Maddie, Ava, Heather and I come together and say “COOL PEOPLE” before I go to work and it comes true for me every night.

Have a beautiful and blessed Christmas.  May it be your best yet...happy, healthy and blessed....

Thanks for your continued love, support and encouragement over the years.

Be blessed in all you do…

Be love and love will surround you…



Ryan and the girls