Happy Friday 12.15.06 - Time won't stop

Happppppy Holiday's........already...WOW!! Like me yer probably wonderin' where the heck the year went....seems like yesterday I was down at the pool (O.K. I only got to go once this year but still ;-) Also seems like yesterday that Heather had a baby the size of an Acorn in her belly...alright...alright...it was really a peppercorn, but I kept getting the two mixed up........hadn't used those vocab words in a while..... Now baby Madelyn is about 4 pounds 17 inches long....and since time doesn't stop....she'll continue to get bigger and bigger.....then she'll be introduced to our world...her body shining in the sun....and we'll be face to face with our little miracle..... Before now, I never really thought to deeply on the subject but man....babies are awesome...from conception to birth....and beyond.....what a facinating process....a miraculous process......... Reflecting back I don't remember much in the womb (nothing really) but WOWWWW!! Have you seen what we had to endure to be where we are today? Just to be born? Each and everone of us went through and are still going through that process......growing, learning, like a baby, like a child, we are all walking miracles.....black, white, brown, red, men, women.....we all are a part of a divine process....a part of something so BIG that sometimes we forget..... So if yer having a bad minute, bad hour, bad day...it's O.K. dust the ol' boots off, high heels for the ladies....and reflect on just how important you are......you are important....Give love to receive love....and even if you don't receive it right away...keep on giving.......;-) it'll surely find its way to your doorstep. So I'll leave ya with some lyrics to a song I wrote earlier this year...and will be on the next CD "Scars"....enjoy!!! Me or You (copyright 2006 - Ryan "ryno" Nicholson ; Dare to live music) There's a reason for life and a reason for love A reason for everything that is here and above It's a meticulous plan from the stars to the moon Nothing comes to late, nothing goes to soon It's a game that we play though we don't understand Someday's the weight of the world's in the palm of your hands And you patiently wait in this cubicle off life Well, just keep hangin' on cause it gets better with time Unleash your weary heart and be true Are you doin' everything you know you've got to do Swingin' in the tree of life, given to you Remember time won't stop for me or you Get caught up with your sisters and caught up with your sons Catch up with mom and dad before they're gone Daughter's need there Father's right from the start And we all need each other whether near or far We all have our blessings and curses to fight DON'T MAKE A PERMANENT DECISION IN TEMPORARY TIMES Walk though the ragin' flames burnin' you and remember Time won't stop for me or you...... Be blessed...be love..inspire... ryan "ryno" nicholson www.ryannicholson.com www.myspace.com/ryno P.S. if ya enjoy my music, or thoughts, please feel free to share them with a friend....it's the biggest compliment I could ever receive......we're all in this together.....thanks for helping my dreams come true.... This email reflects the opinion of one man "ryan "ryno" nicholson" herein described as "the author" and for the record "the author" did not use spell check so if anything is mispelled.......oh well.... ;-) Upcoming shows Coming to Arizona in April or May of 2007 Dec 18 2006 7:15P Lyrix (Formerly Ga Dang) Nashville Dec 26 2006 9:15P Commodore Nashville, Tennessee Jan 16 2007 9:15P Commodore Nashville, Tennessee Jan 18 2007 6:00P The French Quarter Nashville, Tennessee

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