Happy Friday 12.01.06

Wow, another year gone by (almost ;-) Is it me, or does that ol' clock on the wall tick a little faster and faster as we get older and older? (LOL) Well, the years been filled with very many blessings (including the news) of my first child "Madelyn" due Feb 2007. Had a dream that I was holding her the other night and can't even begin to explain the emotions i experienced....so, very amazing. Also heard news of several friends of mine, and friends of friends who lost loved ones. It really reminds me how important it is that we never take a single day for granted, and that we let our open "Scars" heal and move forward with renewed love and hope. We've all been hurt by somebody.....or have hurt somebody.....neither one feels that great. So I just pray that you have a moment and reflect on this last year and see what wounds might still be open, what family member or friend can you call today to make amends? They may need you more now than ever. Love heals everything

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