downtown julie brown

FRI, FEB 14th > had 2 shows today!! 1st show was held at patriot square or copper square park (don't know exactly what they're calling it now) in downtown phoenix and i've got to say the scenery was amazing. very, very different from the usual. though a little chilly, it was great playing outdoors in a amphitheathre like setting......saw lots of familiar faces and again i can't thank each and everyone who came out enough...thanks to two special people who went to work early just so they could catch the full hour show...that was neat and very special to me. the next show that day was at the coffee plantation at the biltmore (can't go wrong with this location) coffee plantation has always treated us with respect and i absolutley love the scenery there as the background there's the nice waterfountain and awesome gardens, trees etc....had a very awesome crowd at this show...the "HEY YOU's" were again one of the loudest I've ever heard....a clear tie between the men and the yes, we're all taking that trip around the world in the 1970's winnebago very soon.....(with the shag carpet **LOL**) there was a very special guest at this show as well....anyone remember bobby brady?? all in all this was a day that i will not soon was a blast and thank you ,thank you, thank you to those that made it to both shows...(diehards) next show coming is at the Border's in Avondale....FEB 21st ...from 7-9 p.m...i hope to see you there........and as always, when you're thinking of REAL ESATE, think "rockin ryno".... love ryno

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