Dare to fail - I saw this on the CBS Morning show and....

Had to share it in case you missed it.


I read a great quote in a Guidepost the other day that said, failure is only permanent if you give up and quit....and then this morning, the CBS Morning show covered the very same topic....I felt a need to share so I hope you don't mind ;-)


I urge you to go out this week, this year, this lifetime...and dare to fail....for it's through our failures that we learn, we grow, we become......


Did you know the billionaire author of Harry Potter was practically penniless?? I've added some of the examples of people who failed big time, but are now on top.....May your failures take you places you've only dreamed of.......God bless....Ryan



(CBS) If at first you don't succeed, the saying says, the thing to do is not give up, but try, try again. When people tell you you should quit, but you don't want to stop, just think about the stories of some people now on top


Sometimes when things fail, they were simply ahead of their time. Did you know the fax machine was actually a failed invention in the 1840s?


The copy machine was invented in 1937, but the idea was rejected by the likes of GE and IBM. It would be 10 years before Xerox's machine would make its debut.


And the Apple Newton - the first handheld PDA - was a flop, but its innovations can be seen today in the wildly successful iPhone.


John Grisham, whose first novel was rejected by a dozen publishing houses.


Henry Ford, who went bankrupt 5 times.


More "failures": Artist Vincent van Gogh, who sold only one painting in his lifetime

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