CMT/NSAI Song contest finalist

I mentioned in my last email that a close friend of mine Bill DiLuigi has been selected as a Finalist in the CMT/NSAI contest. I couldn't be more proud of him and wanted to extend a helping hand by getting the word out about how we can all help him win a Single song publishing contract with one of "Music Rows" major publishers along with many other great prizes. Bill is the kind of person who would give the shirt off his back to help a stranger....and his songs are truely written from the heart to inspire... so please take a moment and click on the link below, find his song, 4th one down called, "I'm not him", and vote for him. I know he thanks do I....Thanks for makin' a difference. Things are still goin' great on the home front.....listening to Madelyn cry as I type ;-) Still very lil' sleep...but I keep being told it'll all get better.... Hope you have a blessed week....and thanks again for supporting me and my friends... Be love..inspire... ryno p.s. Arizona show coming soon (still planning it) p.p.s. "Scars" album is finally finished and will be going to press soon p.p.p.s. Still no word on the ISC song contest but will find out this month who the winners are...keep yer fingers crossed ;-) Thought for the day A close friend of mine drove right under a tanker truck on the freeway Friday night and was drug for 2 miles....she lived.....and many who arrived on the scene could not believe she remained unharmed.....after talkin' about it, she mentioned that "life really is short"..."i realize now how important it is to celebrate could be gone before ya know it..." Dare to live my friends.....dare to live.....;-)

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