busy weekend singing in the rain

FRI, SAT & SUN JAN 23RD, 24TH and 25TH > needless to say, this weekend was a very busy one....the first show of the three was held out at the biltmore coffee plantation.....again, it was very cold night due to the crazy weather we've been having here in good ol' az. about 3/4 into our set, peto and i got rained on. and being the troopers we are, we even did a few songs in the rain...."HEY!...I WAS SINGING IN THE RAIN.....SINGING IN THE RAIN!" i think that's the first time i ever sang in the rain.......wow pretty cool *LOL. the second night, was at the gilbert coffee plantation.....where i had the opportunity to meet a wonderful little girl who told me that her doggie grew wings and flew to the moon. it was such a special moment that she shared with everyone there.....her doggie died about six mths ago.....and ever since, when she looks at the moon, she knows that's where her doggie is....it was to special! also met some other really neat people...oh and my fans beat everyone in "HEY YOU!" the ryno fans were rockin.....and loud as heck!!! last but not least, sunday night, peto and i perfomed at a benefit concert that went really well. made some new fans and just party'd the night away....lots of fun!! this weekend, i had an amazing encounter with a wonderful lady that lost her husband recently in a motorcycle accident. please always remember daily to tell those you care about that you love them.....see ya at the next show! love - ryno

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