beginning to look a lot like xmas

FRI DEC 19TH > it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...everywhere where i go.... :-) and that's no first ever gig where people were dressed up in santa caps...i loved fact, peto and i had the pleasure of sporting these santa fashion items for a few songs before the group had to leave....that was really neat...some picts of me and peto with the santa caps will be up soon!! thanks (gino) for loaning those to us - LOL. you may or may not know, but when you come to a show, peto and i transform your name into a "ryno world' name...for example...we had the opportunity to meet some neat people at table #2 (you know who you are if you were sitting at that table) playing uno to their hearts desire and then bam before they knew it, they were in ryno world :-) the table consisted of Kathy (Kato), Thomas (Thomo), Kiley (, not pronounced like you might think), Susan (Suso) and Richard (Rico......suave..LOL)...i was so proud of this table....they screamed out "HEY YOU!" like they were experts at it....and yes, they won that evenings prize for loudest group. thanks for coming out guys!!....i was also very delighted to see several of our newest fans and friends....wanda...april...karen...jerri...ryan...rainey...(i could go on and all know who you are...and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming out to enjoy this evening with us.... i hope you found tonight inspirational and meaningful) it was basically another friend fest with a few (only a few) fart of which i had no clue....(did you know that breaking wind means - farting?) well, tonight i didn't and missed peto's funny joke that everyone else was laughing for all you out there that don't know what breaking wind ya know!! tonight we had a blast peforming songs like "pieces", " there's a lot to live for", "dream..newest song", and several others.......yep, i'm still smiling from all the laughs we shared. Thanks to Karen and april for the light show ( had to be there to know what I'm talking about on this one....... Oh, i almost forgot the decaf story. rainey went to get me and pete two decaf coffees...., when they came out, peto made the joke of "i wonder if these are double decaf" i decided to go in and ask the lady if they were double decafs......the moment i said that, the lady looked at me and said that they were infact caffinated coffees......this was at around 10:30 P.M (if we wouldn't have been joking about that, peto and i would have been up till the wee hours of sunday morning pulling our hair out...(wait a minute, peto doesn't have hair..LOL)..I guess it never hurts to joke around a little...) towards the end of the night, we met two really cool guys that were just hanging out.....(another Ryno) and a (dano)...yes, their real names are ryan and dan. i gave ryno #2 the opportunity to come up and jam on the gtr. he and peto did a really cool blues number...."good job ryno #2" it was cool being in the audience and seeing ya do your thing....keep it up! And dano......this guy was too cool....he noticed my "Magical Gtr" was sitting on the ground up against a chair and asked if i had another gtr holder....i said no. so he ran out to his gtr and gave me one of his....yes, he gave it to me. thanks to dano for that gift....that was so awesome. in closing, tonight just reminded me that their is a lot of love around, we just have to open our hearts and minds to the idea of love, hope and inspiration....if we do, it'll be there right in front of our smiling's all around!!. love ya lots....hurry and reserve your tickets, only about 20 seats left for the "magical tour to magic mtn"....P.S listen to us being interviewed by tracy on the zone this sunday night Dec. 21st at 8:00 p.m....and don't forget to call her after you read this at 602-452-1053 and request your favorite song from RYNO!!.....and happy, happy holidays to you all! *last note i just remembered, i was pulled aside by jerri tonight and she said that the doctors think that she has lung cancer....because of her state of health, they cannot go in and do any tests so please keep jerri in your prayers. in addition to jerri, a dear friend of mine sandy has just learned that her daughter has been diagnosed with RSD...please keep her daughter Jamie in your prayers too as she fights this courageous battle with pain on a daily basis.........peace, light & love.....ryno.............."So I live my life one day at a time today!" - (lyric from my life)

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