a weeee bit chilly

SATURDAY, JAN 2ND > happy new year everybody!! peto and I took in the near year with a show over at the coffee plantation on mill ave. thanks to the wonderful staff, we got to perform inside.....it was still a weeeee bit chilly for my taste. the night went off without a hitch...as the fiesta bowl was in town and ohio state fans were occupying the same space as the kansas state fans. again, we met some great people tonight and thanks to all of you loyal fans out there that continue to support me and peto's passions...we're so grateful that you appreciate us and our music. the big trip is coming up and i'm really excited about it....hope you are too!! don't forget, we still have a few seats left open so please feel free to tell your friends and family about it....it's gonna be a blast!! peto and i will be doing an open mic tonight at the yucca tap room on mill & southern (sw corner) so if anyones around, feel free to stop by and say hi. i hope this new year will bring you all the happiness and joy in the world...love, ryno

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