A story about "Bob" the homeless guy...

Yes, it's a true story... I learned many important "life lessons" last night that I will never forget. Last night, on music row, I met a homeless person named "Bob". After spending a few hours with "Bob", I realized that the struggles we meet day in and day out are simply miniscule compared to the hardships that other's are going through at this very moment... "Bob" didn't blame anyone for being put in his position. (Sure, he fell off a roof and smashed his leg to pieces) but instead of focusing on "poor me" he knew it was a gift from God, to help him grow and become stronger person. In fact, when a gentleman strolled by paralyzed in a wheelchair, "Bob" looked at me and said..."See him"? "Now that's got to be hard", "It makes me feel so fortunate". This statement came from a man who doesn't know where he's going to get his next meal. Yesterday, when I took him to dinner, I asked what he had for breakfast and he said "You're lookin' at it". He hadn't eaten all day, actually he'd gone two days without a bite to eat. I can't go without a meal without being a baby. All night I tried to put myself in his shoes. I've never been homeless and I've always been one in the back of my mind that says...go get a job...don't be lazy...etc...etc.... Some of the homeless people really can't work..."Bob", because of his leg the way it is (one more surgery to go...on his 4th), has trouble standing for more than 10 minutes at a time. Even though he's been in construction his entire life, No day laborer will hire him. He also looked for inside work at many of the downtown companies, but they're just not willing to take a risk... Talk about a helpless feeling... But still he goes on day to day just hoping people won't criticize him for the way he looks and for the way he's living life during this moment of despair on his journey of becoming a better and stronger person. When you feel life has thrown you a curve ball please think about "Bob"...I'm sure he'd be thrilled to know he helped make a difference. A few words of wisdom from "Bob" "Treat everyone as you wish to be treated", yes homeless people are people too with feelings. "You make a big difference in others lives even though you may not know it" "Enjoy the journey!" Love, Ryan Free music available at www.ryannicholson.com If you like what you hear, and you will, please tell a friend or two....thanks!!

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