The Ultimate Sacrifice

Back in September, I met a very kind & sharp WWII Veteran at the Nashville airport.  I was on my way to the terminal when I noticed a man in a rather rugged yet sophisticated wheel chair sitting all alone.  I asked him if he could use some company and he said, "That'd be nice".

We got to talking about our adventures and where we were headed.  He said he was on his way to the "LAST REUNION" for the 36th infantry division.  There unfortunately weren't many living veterans left to attend, so yes, this was final REUNION.

Curious about life as I am.  And always looking to learn from those who have been on this floating piece of hot magma longer that I have.  I asked, "Do you have any advice to give to a young buck like me?" He responded, "Serve your fellow man and your country.  Be an honorable man and give all that you can."

He proceeded to tell me a story that gave me goosebumps.  

His was the first division to land on the battlefields, it was a terrible fight he said....and a lot of really good young men lost their lives.  One of his fellow infantry men was shot in the face.  Bleeding terribly, he pulled him to safety, comforted and tended to the injured soldier the rest of the night under heavy artillary.  Fortunately they both lived to tell the tale, but ended up going separate ways.  

They didn't have Facebook and Twitter after WWII apparently ;) and they both lost track of each other.  

Fast forward 60 years "almost to the day" that he rescued this young man, he was up in Pigeon Forge minding his own business when another older gentleman with a nasty scar on his lip sat down beside him.

He couldn't help but ask, "Sir, how did you get that scar".  The man responded with a telling story,  I was in the 36th infantry division and was shot on the battlefield and a young man pulled me to safety.  I wouldn't have made it through the night if it weren't for him.  

Through divine intervention, the two were reunited once again, seated right next to each other. 

The divine stories are everywhere if we aren't afraid to ask.  Just be prepared to LISTEN ;)

Have a blessed and beautiful Christmas and 2016 Holiday Season.  

May 2017 bring abundant joy & purpose

Love and Happy Coincidences,



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