The Farmer & The Honey Bee

The Farmer & The Honey Bee

Can you believe it's MARCH already?  Saying goodbye to ol' man winter and hello to a dust of pollination settling on the hood of our Honda Civic.  Gives it a nice shade of yellow and me & my gang the sniffles.

Guess it's time to find a local Honeybee Farmer.  Supposedly a teaspoon of honey a day keeps the tissues away, but what do I know?  I'm neither a farmer or a bee.

But I am a songwriter and just as the farmer and the bee have purpose bringing life to us by growing food and pollinating our world, I too have purpose bringing life and inspiration through song.  Glad I found it....or rather it found me all those years ago.

But it hasn't been easy.  No dream is.  The abundant rejection upon moving to Nashville 11 years ago killed my spirit at first, like the devastating droughts that leave the farmlands parched & the destructive pesticides that send those miraculously flying little buzzers to their mortal doom.

Looking back however I am extremely grateful.  I wouldn't be the songwriter I am today without having endured the hardships.  While I know there will be other roadblocks ahead, 2017 & beyond will be simply about "DOING THE WORK" and "SHOWING UP".

Like the farmer and the bee, I'll have no expectations but to show up each day and do one of the JOBS I was put on earth to do.

This email today is me cultivating the soil. Coming up with ideas for new songs will be the gathering of the seeds.  Writing the songs will be symbolic of the planting while recording will represent the nourishment and pollination of the crops and flowers. Introducing them to the world will be the birth of life & HONEY.  Full circle clarity.

Life is really about mindful shifts in thinking and setting attentive intention to priorities and goals.  They do say "Change your thoughts, change your life."  Well, I'm here to prove that and I hope you are too.

Not every crop will flourish, not every flower will pollinate.  That we know.  But we can't ignore being called to become our best self.  We all play a huge role in this magic road show we know as life. It's up to all of us to ACT upon the signs, messages and gifts bestowed upon us. To ignore them is to ignore life....

So today I ask you to join me along this beautiful ride around the great big ball of burning fire in the sky and set an intention.

What do you want to create?  What flower will you pollinate that will be life affirming and a gift to your circle of friends?  What makes you BUZZ with excitement?

My intention is to FINISH an album this year entitled "INSPIRE".  Songs about family, life & inspiration. 

I look forward to the future filled with abudant opportunites for all of us and...HONEY ;)

Love and Musica,


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