Casa De Happy

Studies show what people think and feel all around us affects our well being.  Believe me, when my 3 daughters are "Hangry", life in the Nicholson "casa de happy" needs a few frowns turned upside down.

On a serious note, I do choose to fill my minutes on earth with joy, service and about you?

I believe it's also why I was entrusted with this song from "my helpers above" and richly inspired during the creation of this video.

I'm living my purpose and pray you are too!

Don't know your purpose?  Stop reading this, put down your phone/tablet and simply close your eyes, in that breath of silence.....ask...."World, Universe, God"...or whatever you believe in....."how may I serve you today?"

The answers will come.  Whether you will act upon them is your choice.  Your FREE WILL!

Set your alarm- Thanks to your support, Today, July 23rd at noon Eastern Time- 373,237 Facebook, Twitter & Tumbler Feeds will be encouraged to watch this video encouraging #OneLove

You still have 3 hours to support this campaign #LoveNotHate here

Thank you for joining me & my family on our mission to shine light with our 100 years....

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