Join me in supporting #LoveNotHate

I pray this message reaches you in blessed spirits, encouraged to continue making a difference in your little corner of the world.  The Nicholson boy and girl gang are all bouncin' off the walls on this end (THANK YOU NETFLIX for taking CAILLOU off your PLAYLIST)....yep....just plugging away at life and trying to stay tuned in to the FM Station P.U.R.P.O.S.E 2016.  


THE P.U.R.P.O.S.E Antenna - Has been pointed in the right direction this last year and a half and I'm proud of the INSPIRING MUSIC it's been receiving.  "I Love You, Love Me Too" and the unreleased "Hang A Sign From The Moon" are two tunes I'm particularly proud of as they both speak HOPE & LOVE to the volatility and uncertainty of the perceived chaotic world today.  We are what we see, we are what we hear, so I hope these songs bring a lil' smile to your face and your friends...I also hope you too are living peace & purpose with each breath.



I do need your help today however.  In an effort to make a difference, I've joined with THUNDERCLAP to share the encouraging  "I LOVE YOU, LOVE ME TOO" YouTubevideo with the largest possible audience.


My campaign calls for 100 supporters in 10 days for it to work, I'm at 39 supporters and have 8 days left.  I'm NOT asking for $$ just asking you to click HERE on this LINK and agree to support my CAMPAIGN.  The current social reach on the campaign is 78,903 people.  


If you haven't seen the video, please watch it here :) YOUTUBE VIDEO - I LOVE YOU, LOVE ME TOO - after you watch, please ask if this is a campaign you feel comfortable sharing?


If this is a message you believe in...supporting INCLUSION, LOVE, HEALING, ACCEPTANCE, please tell your friends.  I'm not offended if you can't help BTW, I've grown thick skin.



GIG ALERT - SAVE THE DATE:  Friday, Sept 9th 2016

Arizona Amigos - I'll be performing at SoZo Coffeehouse in Chandler, AZ again at 7PM -


TICKETS AVAIL now at www.RyanNicholson.com

 **Only 100 Tickets will be sold. 



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Have you been to a show and sported the "PINK".  Join in on the FUN!!

Post your picts, your stories...yaddddda...


It's Sweet.

It's Low.

It's Light.

It's Love.

It's FUN.


P.S. As a special gift, please email me back after you SUPPORT me on THUNDERCLAP and I'll personally email you

"Hang A Sign From The MOON!!"


Thanks for your support!!


Love & Musica,



"Middle Aged Father of Three Daughter's Keeping The Dream Alive"


Be blessed in all you do...

Be love and love will surround you...



#SWEETNLOWAMIGO'S reviews of "Hang A Sign From The Moon"


*Dude, I am digging that! That's catchy man! Solid, solid job!


*Thanks also for sharing your song. I love it and will share it.
Keep spreading love and grace.

*I really love this Ryan

*It's amazing! I love it!

*Been peeping your music and digging your sound. So, I’ve just pledged to your campaign! Hope you’ll reach as many people as you can.

*That is a most beautiful song. Thank you!

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