The Dance & The Beat of Life


The Dance & The Beat of Life

The year was 1990.  I was a young buck....just turned 14.  

Moreover, I was a confused, emotional, low self esteem freckly pimple faced kid.  #SAYTHAT10TIMES.....Go ahead, I'll wait for ya....

CONFUSED partly at the hair growin' in my armpits.

EMOTIONAL cause hormones do that to ya.

(Side Note: I have 3 daughters and a wife in her 40's now so I'm learning about it ALLLLLL over again ;)

LOW SELF ESTEEM FRECKLY PIMPLE FACED KID - well that goes without sayin, It's just plain HARD to be a KID with over active oil glands.

It was a Monday......another blue skied sunny day in Arizona.  The date, April 30th 1990, my ears glued to the radio.  Yes, back when we all listed to the RADIO.

A ballad appeared that changed my life forever.  That song in the key of Gmajor, tempo 66BPM (Beats Per Minute) and 3:41 in length was none other than THE DANCE by Garth Brooks.  Ever heard of him?  Bet you haven't heard of this guy....Tony Arata.  Tony was the writer behind one of the biggest songs in country music.

I write this message to you today because of an impactful VIDEO I saw this week that reminded me of the power of a SONG.  

It captivated me, stirred my soul, gave me those familiar "GOD BUMPS" and reminded me why, amidst my doubts, I continue to feel called to be a singer/songwriter....because music will FOREVER be the ONE VESSEL that has unhinged POWER as a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE to SPEAK TO ALL OF HUMANITY.  Music Heals, Music saves lives, Music has value.

Before I send you to watch the video, I wanted to introduce you to a Nashville organization I had the privelidge of working with last month called "THE BEAT OF LIFE".  Their motto you ask?  MUSIC CAN SAVE A LIFE.  YES it CAN!!  I'm passionate about what FOUNDER Jeni Dominelli is doing for OUR WORLD.  Please check them out & support her mission at

Now...what we've all been waiting for....grab your tissues....grab your loved ones.....without further ado....I introduce Garth Brooks healing lives through music - WATCH VIDEO HERE 


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I pray you are continuing to ENJOY your DANCE.

Love & Musica,


Family - Music - Art - Inspiration





The Farmer & The Honey Bee


The Farmer & The Honey Bee

Can you believe it's MARCH already?  Saying goodbye to ol' man winter and hello to a dust of pollination settling on the hood of our Honda Civic.  Gives it a nice shade of yellow and me & my gang the sniffles.

Guess it's time to find a local Honeybee Farmer.  Supposedly a teaspoon of honey a day keeps the tissues away, but what do I know?  I'm neither a farmer or a bee.

But I am a songwriter and just as the farmer and the bee have purpose bringing life to us by growing food and pollinating our world, I too have purpose bringing life and inspiration through song.  Glad I found it....or rather it found me all those years ago.

But it hasn't been easy.  No dream is.  The abundant rejection upon moving to Nashville 11 years ago killed my spirit at first, like the devastating droughts that leave the farmlands parched & the destructive pesticides that send those miraculously flying little buzzers to their mortal doom.

Looking back however I am extremely grateful.  I wouldn't be the songwriter I am today without having endured the hardships.  While I know there will be other roadblocks ahead, 2017 & beyond will be simply about "DOING THE WORK" and "SHOWING UP".

Like the farmer and the bee, I'll have no expectations but to show up each day and do one of the JOBS I was put on earth to do.

This email today is me cultivating the soil. Coming up with ideas for new songs will be the gathering of the seeds.  Writing the songs will be symbolic of the planting while recording will represent the nourishment and pollination of the crops and flowers. Introducing them to the world will be the birth of life & HONEY.  Full circle clarity.

Life is really about mindful shifts in thinking and setting attentive intention to priorities and goals.  They do say "Change your thoughts, change your life."  Well, I'm here to prove that and I hope you are too.

Not every crop will flourish, not every flower will pollinate.  That we know.  But we can't ignore being called to become our best self.  We all play a huge role in this magic road show we know as life. It's up to all of us to ACT upon the signs, messages and gifts bestowed upon us. To ignore them is to ignore life....

So today I ask you to join me along this beautiful ride around the great big ball of burning fire in the sky and set an intention.

What do you want to create?  What flower will you pollinate that will be life affirming and a gift to your circle of friends?  What makes you BUZZ with excitement?

My intention is to FINISH an album this year entitled "INSPIRE".  Songs about family, life & inspiration. 

I look forward to the future filled with abudant opportunites for all of us and...HONEY ;)

Love and Musica,


Official Page -






The Ultimate Sacrifice


Back in September, I met a very kind & sharp WWII Veteran at the Nashville airport.  I was on my way to the terminal when I noticed a man in a rather rugged yet sophisticated wheel chair sitting all alone.  I asked him if he could use some company and he said, "That'd be nice".

We got to talking about our adventures and where we were headed.  He said he was on his way to the "LAST REUNION" for the 36th infantry division.  There unfortunately weren't many living veterans left to attend, so yes, this was final REUNION.

Curious about life as I am.  And always looking to learn from those who have been on this floating piece of hot magma longer that I have.  I asked, "Do you have any advice to give to a young buck like me?" He responded, "Serve your fellow man and your country.  Be an honorable man and give all that you can."

He proceeded to tell me a story that gave me goosebumps.  

His was the first division to land on the battlefields, it was a terrible fight he said....and a lot of really good young men lost their lives.  One of his fellow infantry men was shot in the face.  Bleeding terribly, he pulled him to safety, comforted and tended to the injured soldier the rest of the night under heavy artillary.  Fortunately they both lived to tell the tale, but ended up going separate ways.  

They didn't have Facebook and Twitter after WWII apparently ;) and they both lost track of each other.  

Fast forward 60 years "almost to the day" that he rescued this young man, he was up in Pigeon Forge minding his own business when another older gentleman with a nasty scar on his lip sat down beside him.

He couldn't help but ask, "Sir, how did you get that scar".  The man responded with a telling story,  I was in the 36th infantry division and was shot on the battlefield and a young man pulled me to safety.  I wouldn't have made it through the night if it weren't for him.  

Through divine intervention, the two were reunited once again, seated right next to each other. 

The divine stories are everywhere if we aren't afraid to ask.  Just be prepared to LISTEN ;)

Have a blessed and beautiful Christmas and 2016 Holiday Season.  

May 2017 bring abundant joy & purpose

Love and Happy Coincidences,






So...lots of reflection this last month.

Do you ever do that? Take a little "stock" in where it is you've been and where you're wanting to go? No??? Just me?? ;) Well, the tragic death of a few Father's my age over this last month has enlightened me.

#ITSTIME to get even busier spreading the word about my purpose with music. And I hope you're on board with me. Nashville and 3 lil' girlz literally saved my life over the last 11 years, it's time to continue giving back and give life through my story in song. date, I've written 276 songs & only have 87 of them recorded. Time to get busy on the next album #INSPIRE

Fortunately I have mizzzzzz Heather keeping me accountable by first compiling my music catalog in one location #ThankYouExcel

#WOW it's a task, but in the end it'll be a resource with which to steadily share stories behind the songs along with lyrics and links to listen.


In the end, it's not truly about the $ anyway right? Not gonna leave with it......

#SO If you've read this far and you want to make sure you get all the UPDATES, GIG ALERTS, THE OCCASIONAL HAPPY FRIDAY INSPIRATIONAL LETTER & other fun stuff, please visit my OFFICIAL page at and join the FAN CLUBILICIOUS CLUB.....

#THANKYOU for being a friend!

Love & Musica,

P.S. While you're at it, check out 20 of my favorite tunes that I've either written or co-written on SPOTIFY and please share ;)…/…/playlist/00SYzCUWUlkZkzmkYxwcoa


Casa De Happy


Studies show what people think and feel all around us affects our well being.  Believe me, when my 3 daughters are "Hangry", life in the Nicholson "casa de happy" needs a few frowns turned upside down.

On a serious note, I do choose to fill my minutes on earth with joy, service and about you?

I believe it's also why I was entrusted with this song from "my helpers above" and richly inspired during the creation of this video.

I'm living my purpose and pray you are too!

Don't know your purpose?  Stop reading this, put down your phone/tablet and simply close your eyes, in that breath of silence.....ask...."World, Universe, God"...or whatever you believe in....."how may I serve you today?"

The answers will come.  Whether you will act upon them is your choice.  Your FREE WILL!

Set your alarm- Thanks to your support, Today, July 23rd at noon Eastern Time- 373,237 Facebook, Twitter & Tumbler Feeds will be encouraged to watch this video encouraging #OneLove

You still have 3 hours to support this campaign #LoveNotHate here

Thank you for joining me & my family on our mission to shine light with our 100 years




Join me in supporting #LoveNotHate

I pray this message reaches you in blessed spirits, encouraged to continue making a difference in your little corner of the world.  The Nicholson boy and girl gang are all bouncin' off the walls on this end (THANK YOU NETFLIX for taking CAILLOU off your PLAYLIST)....yep....just plugging away at life and trying to stay tuned in to the FM Station P.U.R.P.O.S.E 2016.  


THE P.U.R.P.O.S.E Antenna - Has been pointed in the right direction this last year and a half and I'm proud of the INSPIRING MUSIC it's been receiving.  "I Love You, Love Me Too" and the unreleased "Hang A Sign From The Moon" are two tunes I'm particularly proud of as they both speak HOPE & LOVE to the volatility and uncertainty of the perceived chaotic world today.  We are what we see, we are what we hear, so I hope these songs bring a lil' smile to your face and your friends...I also hope you too are living peace & purpose with each breath.



I do need your help today however.  In an effort to make a difference, I've joined with THUNDERCLAP to share the encouraging  "I LOVE YOU, LOVE ME TOO" YouTubevideo with the largest possible audience.


My campaign calls for 100 supporters in 10 days for it to work, I'm at 39 supporters and have 8 days left.  I'm NOT asking for $$ just asking you to click HERE on this LINK and agree to support my CAMPAIGN.  The current social reach on the campaign is 78,903 people.  


If you haven't seen the video, please watch it here :) YOUTUBE VIDEO - I LOVE YOU, LOVE ME TOO - after you watch, please ask if this is a campaign you feel comfortable sharing?


If this is a message you believe in...supporting INCLUSION, LOVE, HEALING, ACCEPTANCE, please tell your friends.  I'm not offended if you can't help BTW, I've grown thick skin.



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It's Sweet.

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It's Light.

It's Love.

It's FUN.


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Thanks for your support!!


Love & Musica,



"Middle Aged Father of Three Daughter's Keeping The Dream Alive"


Be blessed in all you do...

Be love and love will surround you...



#SWEETNLOWAMIGO'S reviews of "Hang A Sign From The Moon"


*Dude, I am digging that! That's catchy man! Solid, solid job!


*Thanks also for sharing your song. I love it and will share it.
Keep spreading love and grace.

*I really love this Ryan

*It's amazing! I love it!

*Been peeping your music and digging your sound. So, I’ve just pledged to your campaign! Hope you’ll reach as many people as you can.

*That is a most beautiful song. Thank you!


I Love You, Love Me Too


I Love You, Love Me Too

#RynoRamblings - As I see my daughter's growing before my very eyes, I can't help but think back to the days of old.  The years of uncertainty, yet filled with great adventure.  By adventure I mean 13 elementary schools, 2 junior highs and finally 1 high school #GO MUSTANGS.  No I wasn't a military brat, just a son of a single mother.  Mom you did great.  

My girlz however, have lived in a BOX compared to how I grew up and I'm wondering if I'm doing them a disservice with so much structure.  Same school, same friends, same home...yadda yadda yadda.

Through those adventurous years, I learned to navigate change on a dime.  3 schools for 4th grade....yeah real change.  But it was so exciting and now I can proudly say, I don't know a stranger.  I was introduced to ALL WALKS OF LIFE along the way.  I don't fear any shade of color, religion or belief system.  We are Spiritual Beings living the Human Experience, we all want love.

I lived in the hood (40th and Baseline), we're talking no carpet, locks on ALL the doors and windows....all the way to other side of town.... hello Gilbert ;) and looking back, I feel there was purpose for my past.  So instead of focusing on the tough times in a negative way, I simply bless it....and give thanks....for it made me the compassionate human being I am today.

Which leads me to the video and song I wrote called "I Love You, Love Me Too", which is a representation of my journey and what I'd like to see for the world that you, me, my daughters and your children are living in.  Join me in spreading the love, please share the video with your loved ones.



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